Your custom suit MADE-TO-MEASURE - fits perfect

The outcast of the fashion world is back! For a long time, it was abandoned and lost the respect it deserved. Now we are absolutely delighted to see made-to-measure suits of outstanding quality finally back on the street again, brilliantly combined with accessories. An excellent made-to-measure suit is one of the basic essentials for any businessman and every man of fashion with something about him. It expresses professionalism and good taste, plus a sense of style and "savoir vivre".

The production of a made-to-measure suit today combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. We are able to achieve precision and individuality by bringing together two strengths – expertise and innovation – to provide you with a unique item of clothing that fits well and looks stunning. The fit will delight you and make you feel special. Most customers go on to compare every standard suit with their first made-to-measure suit. In that case, we can only recommend that you simply come back to us again...

Business suit

Business suit

2-piece made-to-measure wool-mix suit

From CHF 890.-

Business suit made-to-measure suit Zurich Men's outfitter
Made-to-measure suit Business Zurich
Made-to-measure suit Double-breasted Grey Zurich


2-piece made-to-measure suit in Super 110s wool

From CHF 1,090.-

your bespoke suit - your individual style


Double-breasted waistcoat

3-piece made-to-measure suit in Super 110s wool

From CHF 1,390.-

Suter And Co Made-to-measure suit Blue Herringbone

Blue herringbone

3-piece made-to-measure suit in Super 110s wool

From CHF 1,390.-

Suter And Co Made-to-measure suit Checked Grey Red Tie


2-piece made-to-measure suit in Dormeuil 130s wool

From CHF 1,890.-

Suter And Co Made-to-measure suit In Zurich


2-piece made-to-measure suit in Scabal 140s wool

From CHF 1,990.-

Whether you're looking for a 1920s style suit, a slightly rakish look, a rockabilly design or a modern suit – we follow your instructions, however detailed, when we make your suit. We offer a full range of colors to choose from – from yellow through purple to green. Or maybe you're looking for a traditional cloth for everyday wear? A classic cut combined with our fabrics in dark blue, black or anthracite will tick every box.

Our collections consist of the finest wools from the most famous mills. We offer outstanding fabrics made by Reda, Guabello and Vitale Barberis Canonico from Super 100s upward. If you're looking for something special, we also have the finest cashmere from Loro Piana, Aquaplan with nano-finish from Dormeuil or Diamond Chip, the diamond-trimmed Super 150s wool/silk from Scabal. You're guaranteed to find the right thing here.
We also carry classic cloths such as tweed, flannel and cord, with selected details allowing a very individual yet subtle work of art to be created. Because of their strength, these fabrics last longer, allowing you to enjoy the garment for many years to come. Why not drop in and pick up some ideas?

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