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Morning dress, dinner suit, tuxedo, tail suit: for a gala dinner, a formal ball or a stylish party – no-one wants to stand out for wearing the wrong clothes at any event where particular evening wear is required. There are set rules for every dress code. We know them – you wear them. We follow the British style and so we carry these designs as standard models in our range – of course made-to-measure.

We're just the right partner for those subtle details that make all the difference and show your true class.


A morning dress is worn for special occasions that take place during the day. It is a formal suit and, if the event continues after 6 pm, is replaced by a dinner suit or, for official events, the tail suit. It is worn for weddings, high-class funerals or state receptions.

The morning dress consists of three parts: a morning coat with a cutaway, rounded front and with the back reaching the hollow of the knee, a light grey or colored waistcoat and black and grey striped trousers. This outfit is worn with black shoes and a tie or Ascot. Traditionally, a black or silver-grey top hat is also worn with it.

One of the advantages of a custom tailored morning dress is the freedom to choose the fabrics and their color. Naturally, at Suter & Co., we are happy to advise on the appropriate waistcoat and tie so that you are properly dressed for the occasion in question.

Morning suit
Morning Coat




2-piece dinner suit in Super 110s wool

From CHF 1,190.-


Scabal Festival

2-piece dinner suit in Scabal wool

From CHF 2,000.-

Dinner Jacket

Dinner Jacket

White – pure wool

from CHF 890.-



Bow tie & Cummerbund – pure silk from Italy

CHF 149.-

This item of clothing is an important element of any evening wardrobe. Some men wear a dinner suit or tuxedo often, whilst others could count the events they need it for on the fingers of one hand.

No matter which category you fall into, we recommend that you choose a top-quality fabric for this exclusive item in your wardrobe. You'll be amazed how good a lightweight custom made suit feels. A dinner suit is generally worn indoors and so it's better if the suit isn't too warm in itself.

The classic jacket is single- or double-breasted and does not have a slit at the back. Black and midnight blue are the two colour options, although other colours are possible for less formal occasions. It is fastened by a single button, and the lapel, whether it is a shawl lapel or peak lapel, is made from silk or satin. The piped pockets are made without flaps and trimmed with the same satin as the lapel. The buttons on the front and sleeves are also silk or satin-covered. A white or ivory coloured dinner jacket is normally worn in southern countries or for open-air events and is very stylish.

Dinner suit trousers have no turn-up and the sides are trimmed with a single silk or satin braid matching the lapel of the jacket. There are no belt loops, but the trousers are held in place by braces. In addition, adjustable side buttons or buckles are provided so that the waistband can be adjusted.


The tail suit is a three-part formal suit worn to events after 6 pm. "White tie" is used as the dress code for this type of suit, referring to the white bow tie worn. The rules of this dress code are very strict and should be followed as precisely as possible to avoid embarrassment. We can advise you on the tiniest of details and will make every element to fit your measurements.

A tail suit, which is generally black (occasionally midnight blue), consists of a tail coat with knee-length "swallow tails" at the back. The front is short to the waist and worn open. The peak lapel is finished with silk or satin, as with the dinner suit. The front and cuff buttons are also covered with the same silk or satin.

As with dinner suit trousers, the trousers have no turn-ups and the sides are trimmed with braid, but with a double braid instead of a single strip. Braces are worn, rather than a belt, and adjustable buttons or buckles adjust the size of the waistband.

A white waistcoat is worn under the jacket. It is generally made from cotton piqué and also has a lapel. It may be single- or double-breasted and has piqué-covered or mother-of-pearl buttons. It has no back and is fastened by waist straps. A matching bow tie made from the same fabric is worn with it.


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