A perfect made-to-measure suit requires a made-to-measure coat to protect it. It can be a raincoat, winter coat or lightweight throw-on coat for the "in-between" seasons of spring and autumn. Why not coordinate your coat with your wardrobe and create your own variant, with advice from us?

As with a suit, you select the fabric, decide on the various properties and materials, such as hard-wearing wool or lightweight cashmere, a special lining, leather buttons and lots of other details.

At Suter & Co., we make every effort to produce the perfect companion for you every time. Every item is made with the meticulous attention to detail that you expect from us. You define the style – from timeless and classic to modern, with clean-cut lines. We make it possible.

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The temperatures are falling and our clothes keep us warm. It's important to remember last winter, especially how cold it was. That's why we apply the layering technique for winter clothing.

This method of dressing allows us to wear more of the clothing that we love. The following "light to heavy" rule is practical and well-reasoned if you use it properly.

When selecting your clothes, you should put on the lightest layer first and increase until you get to the heaviest. Light fabrics next to the body offer good breathability whilst a thicker fabric provides better protection against the challenges of the winter.

Playing with different structures for the individual layers gives the look visual depth. For the business option, go for a classic 3-piece suit in navy or grey wool with flannel or cashmere/alpaca, which combines low weight with durability and warmth. Double-breasted garments are also ideal for this time of year – the double layer at the front provides stronger protection against the outside elements. Combine it with a simple winter coat to add a modern touch.

For leisure wear, try a simple cotton shirt with a light cardigan, worn with a heavy wool jacket on top. Dark jeans or thick cotton chinos go brilliantly with this look.

The outfit now only needs to be rounded off with a few accessories – for example, a silk handkerchief, a foulard or a scarf to add a splash of colour here and there. Woollen or tweed hats look great with this too.

One last word. Remember that you'll be taking off various layers as the day continues and the temperature rises. Make sure when you get dressed that each layer looks good and matches properly. The cut of the garments is important, since lots of layers can look bulky and shapeless.

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